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  • [Deodorant Bottle] Travel-sized deodorant bottles

    Are you constantly on-the-go and in need of a reliable and travel-friendly deodorant solution? Look no further than BEYAQI's travel-sized deodorant bottles. Read More

  • [Deodorant Bottle] Creating brand ambassadors for deodorant bottles

    Creating brand ambassadors for deodorant bottles can be a highly effective way to promote your product and increase sales. But what exactly is a brand ambassador, and how can you use them to your advantage? At BEYAQI, we believe that a brand ambassador is someone who represents your brand in a positive way, sharing their experiences with your products and encouraging others to try them. Read More

  • [Plastic Bottle] Four aspects of distinction: PVC plastic bottles, PET plastic bottles, PP plastic bottles, PE plastic bottles!

    All walks of life need plastic bottle packaging. As a consumer, no matter the plastic bottle for food packaging or the plastic bottle for daily products, the bottle body is printed with PVC,PET,PP,PE, which represents the material of plastic bottle packaging. So what exactly do these signs mean? What exactly are they used for? What should consumers pay attention to when they see these signs? Read More

  • [Plastic Bottle] Why is the material of plastic bottles for cosmetics generally to be detailed?

    Most of the common cosmetic and detergent packaging containers are made of high-density polyethylene. In order to meet the packaging requirements of different products, the choice of materials for plastic bottles is increasingly rich. Read More

  • [Plastic Bottle] Do You Really Know About Cosmetic Bottle?

    Plastic bottle is very common in daily life. We also know that it is a plastic container made of polyester (PET), polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) as the main raw materials. After adding the corresponding organic solvent, it is heated at high temperature and then passed through the plastic mold through blow molding, extrusion blowing or injection molding. Read More

  • [Plastic Bottle] Something About Plastic Bottles

     1.The material of plastic bottles is usually PP, PE, K material, AS, ABS, acrylic, PET, etc.  2.Usually used for cosmetic container wall thick cream bottles, caps, corks, gaskets, pump heads, dust covers for injection molding; PET blowing bottles for two-step molding, tube embryo for injection mol Read More

  • [Mist sprayer] What Is Mist Spray?

    Facial Mist Sprayer is a skin care product that is sprayed on the face. There are many different types out there, and in most cases, they provide instant hydration through ingredients like vitamins, extracts, and essential oils. Some also have additional skin care benefits, such as controlling exces Read More

  • [Mist sprayer] What is the mist sprayer?

    We know that trigger sprayer is one of the most common used dispensing.The most common use for plastic trigger sprayer with household cleaning products such as disinfectants, floor, and surface cleaners. Read More

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