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Beyaqi, A Professional Cosmetic Packaging Supplier

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Beyaqi, A Professional Cosmetic Packaging Supplier

With the rapid economic development, cosmetics have gradually become an indispensable part of people's lives. In the dazzling cosmetic consumer market, unique cosmetic packaging is one of the main reasons for attracting consumers to buy products. Cosmetics packaging is a very convincing salesman. So, how do we choose cosmetic packaging?


It is understood that the packaging materials of cosmetics are also increasingly diversified. The new plastic packaging material is lighter, stronger and easier to produce than traditional glass. Many makeup packaging suppliers take environmental protection into consideration when choosing cosmetic packaging materials. For example, the surface-coated packaging carton is clean and elegant, but because it cannot be recycled, it will be replaced by environmentally friendly materials in the future. The mainstream of the market includes sustainable cosmetic packaging, biodegradable cosmetic packaging and recycled plastic cosmetic packaging.


Nowadays, with the booming development of cosmetics, various cosmetic companies attach great importance to improving the quality of their products, and they are very concerned about the development of ingredients and formulas. At the same time, they spare no effort in upgrading cosmetic packaging materials. With the increasing demand for convenient and safe protection of cosmetic products, pumps and sprayers are increasingly being used as high-quality solutions in all types of cosmetic products.


Cosmetic pumps are available in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and discharge states.


Two Categories of Cosmetic Pumps


The power of the quantitative pump to spit out the material comes from the outside. It is usually a press of the hand. The quantitative pump is divided into spray pump, lotion pump and foam pump according to the state of discharge. The above-mentioned different types of pumps should have the following eight functional structures to achieve normal operation, including the discharge channel, the suction channel, the pumping system, the power mechanism, the convection channel, the anti-opening structure, the connecting parts and the accessory accessories. Generally, the parts constituting the discharge channel are pressure head and nozzle, and the foam pump will be equipped with a filter tube. The material in the container reaches the channel outside the container through the action of the pump core. This part will determine the spit state of the material, whether it is mist, liquid or foam.


The power of the aerosol pump to spit out the material comes from the inside. It requires the addition of pressurized gas at the same time as filling the body in the adapted aerosol can.


The two types of pumps differ greatly in functional structure due to different power sources.


Optionality of Beyaqi is your one-stop shop for plastic pumps and sprayers. Beyaqi has an extensive inventory of plastic pumps and sprayers, producing liquid products that must be dispensed in fine mists or small quantities. Plastic pumps and sprayers are available in a variety of configurations. Such products include plastic foaming soap dispensers, cleaning oil pumpand trigger spray bottles.


Plastic pumpor sprayer caps provide convenience for many liquid products. A mini trigger spray bottle or foam dispenser pump allows consumers to easily dispense creams and liquids. Plastic bottle pump dispensers are mostly used for hand sanitizers, disinfectants and lotions. For example, foaming hand soap pumpsare common in daily life. Plastic pump dispensers are available in a variety of colors, dip tube sizes, and output volumes. The plastic pump for the bottle is made of high quality plastic material. The commonly used structural parts of all plastic trigger sprayerinclude indenter aluminum sleeve, indenter plastic sleeve, screw cap aluminum sleeve, screw cap plastic sleeve, etc.