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Color Matching
  Color Matching & Proofing
The attractiveness of packaging is not only determined by the shape and design, but also by the color of the packaging. 
What's more important is the experience of coloring with different materials and processes. 
A good visual effect is not only the effect of the design, but also the matching skills of raw materials and colorants!
  Raw Material Control
Beyaqi has its own manufacturing base, it cultivates a self-operated professional team in the color matching printing and dyeing process. 
In order to ensure the smooth conversion of the color matching sample preparation process into mass production standards. Our color matching team uses raw materials that are uniformly sourced by our purchase department. 
Due to the variety of cosmetic packaging, we have accumulated rich experience in color matching for more than 10 years. 
Use the same pigments and formulations for different materials; test better and more stable color schemes for custom colors, and more!
Feel free to contact us if you have any needs. We are willing to show you how your idea looks like an actual product!
Cosmetic packaging is mostly plastic packaging, and technical indicators such as plastic oxidation and transparency are related to the formulation of colorants and UV additives in the coloring process. 
And these additives can be added in the form of masterbatch or liquid in practical process. 
Both forms have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of the liquid form is that it is very useful for translucent colored items as it ensures a stable coloring process and lower unit cost. 
But masterbatches have a longer shelf life and can carry more pigment, making them more suitable for small batches and opaque colored items. 
Beyaqi provides the best solution in combination with your color scheme, so that your cost performance is better!



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