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Mold And Custom Molding
  Mold Development
Beyaqi has the ability to develop molds independently. 
Since we are able to design and develop molds by ourself, the communication will be more efficient and accurate, which is very important in the manufacturing supply chain.
It means that the product design and development services provided by Beyaqi can ensure timeliness and have better cost performance!
  Making The Mold
Pressure die casting tools, known as “molds” or “dies”, are made in the form of cavities (the female half) and cores (the male half),They need to go through 6 steps to produce
1. Rough Machining
2. Heat Treatment (Hardening)
3. Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
4. Fine Machining
5. Annealing
6. Mold Assembly
  Custom Mold Packaging
Due to the optimization of the efficiency of the development design process and the mold opening process, we can ensure that your cost per product is very attractive and cost-effective, and for long-term business partners, we have set up a mechanism to refund mold cost! 
We firmly believe that your packaging demand is our mission! 
Our business grows as your business grows!



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