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Custom Aluminum Packaging
Our custom aluminum packaging drive your brand's growth

Why choose aluminum packging?
Brand Upgrade
Shelf Life
Design Innovation
More advanced packaging will enhance the value of your brand, premium design needs excellent packaging to present, and usually a good design will make your brand stand out on the shelf.
Aluminum is 100% recyclable and can be recycled indefinitely without loss of quality. And only 5% of the energy used to manufacture the original product is applicable. In the field of high-end daily chemical industry, aluminum containers are matched with all-plastic dispensers. It is possible to achieve 100% recyclable of the whole product.
Aluminum has an excellent barrier function, blocking 100% of light, air, moisture, microorganisms, etc., thus giving the fillings a longer shelf life.
Aluminum is extremely flexible and retains most of its strength, making it easier to innovate more designs. And we can provide design and mold opening services.
Our Customized Aluminum Packaging Solutions
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Below is the private label custom process detail
1. Demand docking and design customization

①Confirm bottle type
PS 1: Currently available for selection of our existing bottle types usually MOQ is 12000.

PS 2: If you have your own unique design, then we need to calculate the cost of opening the mold according to your purchase quantity, which can be as low as $0.

Bottle type

②Confirm printing
Screen printing (less than 2 colors)   Thermal transfer (3-8 colors)   Offset printing (1-8 colors)   UV layer (under 2 colors)
2.Testing samples

Provide a tester sample for you test our quality

①We provide the tester samples for your test quality first. Then you confirm to us if that is the quality you want or not. (Based on your feedback we can update our makeup formula resend it to you)

②If you like other brand quality then arrange a sample to us, and I will tell our engineers to make similar quality as your provide sample.

3.Signed the contract after confirm the quality
When we receive the order deposit. We will make all of samples (color sample, packaging sample, label sample etc.)for you to confirm before mass production
4.Warehouse-In Inspection
If our QC check everything no problem then stores in the warehouse.
We can provide you our QC report about the mass production goods.
We Can send a few mass production goods to you check.
You can arrange an inspection company come to our factory to check the goods.
5.Delivery and after-sales guarantee
The goods can be delivered by sea, by air, by the express company(DHL, FedEx, UPS etc.)
We will provide related documents for your custom clearance after shipment.
Please feel free to contact us if you meet any problems. We will reply within 24 hours
Recommended for reference only
For more shapes, please contact us directly

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