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How To Save The Cost Of Cosmetic Packaging Bottles?

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How To Save The Cost Of Cosmetic Packaging Bottles?

Cosmetic packaging bottles are the first experience customers have with a brand, and they are one of the initial reasons why users are willing to spend money. But cost is an important consideration when cosmetic companies are choosing cosmetic bottles. When we consider the cost of packaging, what really matters is the structure of the material, the material and the amount of packaging manufactured. Below, we'll discuss how to save on the overall cost of customizing your product's packaging bottle.


The structure of a packaging bottle usually refers to its size and shape. Generally speaking, the size of a bottle depends on the characteristics of the product and does not usually change easily. The main reason why the shape of the bottle affects the cost is because of the complexity of its structure. For the simple square bottle will cost less than the complex shaped packaging bottle, because the square bottle both production methods and production proficiency are better to master. For the latter several shapes of packaging bottles, the special shape may increase the defective rate of packaging bottles, and secondly, these shapes of packaging bottles are likely to require manual work to complete, and the cost of labor is much more expensive compared to machinery.


The material of the packaging bottle has a direct impact on the durability and aesthetics of the bottle. Brands should consider the durability and aesthetics of the material when considering the cost of the bottle.

There are differences in the cost of different packaging bottle materials, such as glass bottle, acrylic bottle, PET bottle, PP bottle, PE bottle, which have different prices. When choosing the material, it should be combined with the characteristics of the material itself combined with the positioning of the product in the market.

Manufacturing volume

The basic principle of customizing cosmetic packaging bottles is that as the quantity of bottles produced increases, it will reduce the unit price of the bottles. For many fixed costs can be spread equally to each packaging bottle, therefore, the more the number of customized packaging bottles, the lower the unit price will be. Secondly, for the packaging bottle manufacturer, the more the number of customized packaging bottles by the customer, it means the revenue will also be increased. In this case, the packaging bottle manufacturer is also more likely to make concessions for the brand side.

In order to better save the cost of packaging bottles, the structure, material and manufacturing volume of the bottles need to be considered when customizing packaging bottles. These three factors will largely determine the base pricing of the product packaging bottles. Although these factors are difficult to tell us exactly how much cost savings can be achieved, understanding the different factors will help brands determine a reasonable budget.