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Is It Feasible to Customize Molds for Cosmetic Packaging?

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Is It Feasible to Customize Molds for Cosmetic Packaging?

Cosmetic packaging is used for cosmetic containers (primary packaging) and secondary packaging for fragrances and cosmeticsCosmetic packaging must not only communicate aesthetics, it must also equate to brand recognition.


Cosmetic containers protect all types of cosmetic products while the product is being stored or transported. Containers prevent product spoilage and help maintain its quality. As part of the marketing of beauty products, aesthetic skincare packaging must be a great-looking container. According to its material, cosmetic containers include plastic cosmetic containers, aluminum cosmetic containers, airless cosmetic bottles and so on.


The label displayed on the container clearly shows basic information about the product and the manufacturer. These labels include information on product characteristics, product ingredients, expiration date, method of use, precautions and manufacturer. Labels are designed to help consumers identify a product and its source, while helping consumers understand facts that are not confusing or misleading.


Ideally, the container is made of durable material to give the product a long shelf life. Frequent opening and closing of the container by consumers during use may cause oxidation of the cosmetic product. Degradation and damage can be caused by a variety of reasons. These causes can be divided into biological, chemical, thermal causes, damage caused by radiation, and damage caused by human interactions, electrical sources or stress. In short, cosmetic packaging containers must protect the product from dirt, dust and bacteria.


In addition to protecting the product, packaging also plays an important role in marketing cosmetics. Whether it is eco-friendly cosmetic packaging or luxury cosmetic packaging, high-quality makeup packaging must conform to its marketing slogan and product performance. While product quality is a major factor in a product's success, its packaging must be attractive. One of the keys to attractive packaging is the artistic use of color.


Cosmetics are mainly sold under the brand image. Marketing largely depends on associating brand awareness with emotion. Cosmetics are repackaged and rebranded to help them increase market visibility. Since it is not a survival product, it is marketed to meet the need for enhanced appearance. Packaging has to inspire this emotion. The standing of a product in the market depends on its product quality, unique cosmetic packaging, and the fit between the product and the brand image. The most relevant for marketers is external secondary packaging. However, some cosmetic products are distributed in one cosmetic container.


Nowadays, private custom cosmetic packaging abounds. The customer owns everything from drawings to production tools. The mold is completely unique and can only be used by the customer. How to find something totally unique for your brand? With more than 10 years of cosmetic packaging design experience, Beyaqi exclusively customizes the best packaging design for you that perfectly matches the characteristics of your product. Beyaqi has a professional team and mature cosmetics packaging private customization services. You can discuss and participate with the team throughout their packaging process. This complete process is divided into the following steps: 3D and rapid sample preparation, mold and custom molding, pre-production sample, color matching, printing, and inspection. Hope you will contact us for the details!