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Why custom lip gloss tubes have MOQ?

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Why custom lip gloss tubes have MOQ?

If your makeup business is just getting started and you want to add lipgloss to your product line, then you will look for a lip gloss containers tube supplier, tell them your designs, and the logo you want to print.

Suppose your quantity of empty lip gloss tube is in the tens, or even hundreds.

They'll tell you it's not up to the MOQ, can't do it, and ask if you mind increasing the quantity.

You may be wondering why the supplier can't lower the MOQ a little for custom lipgloss tubes, or why there is such a thing as MOQ, is it intentional by the supplier?

In fact, we misunderstood the supplier, not that they could lower the threshold but deliberately set such a threshold. This is determined by the actual situation. I will explain why below...

The degree of automated production in formal and large-scale factories is very high, so as to ensure the quality control of mass-produced products.

custom lipgloss tubes

In automated production, any link is fixed, such as which raw materials are added to each batch of products, what proportion is added, and so on. Many details are fixed, because for each batch, the quantity produced by each production line is also fixed.

For example, the output of a lip gloss tubes production line is 12,000 pieces. If the supplier agrees to provide you with a few hundred pieces, so much These products that come out cannot be consumed, so the supplier will lose money and cannot cover the cost of production.

For example, a bus can be started only after it carries 20 people, and the fee charged can cover the fuel cost. If it is started with only 1 person, it will be a loss...

Now, I think you can understand why the MOQ is set.

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