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Do you Know the Process of Glass Cosmetics Bottle?

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Do you Know the Process of Glass Cosmetics Bottle?

As we all know, cosmetics depend on packaging very much. They are generally packaged perfectly to reflect their characteristics. The main cosmetic bottles packaging materials are: glass, plastic tube body, paper box, etc. Although there are many kinds of cosmetics on the market, according to different forms, packaging forms are also different. Glass is often visually appealing and is a popular packaging material for high-end cosmetics.

Then how much do you know about the processing technology of cosmetic glass bottles? It is mainly divided into coloring process and printing process!

Coloring process:

1. anodized aluminum: a layer of film wrapped on the inner plastic. Please have a look at following transparent cosmetic bottle with golden cap.

2. electroplating (UV) : compared with spraying, the effect is bright, like the following cosmetic dropper bottle.

3. spraying: compared with electroplating, the color is dull. But it commonly used in luxury cosmetic bottle sets.

Spray outside the inner bottle: spray the outside of the inner bottle. There is an obvious gap between the outer bottle and the outer bottle from the outside, and the spraying area is small from the side.

Spray inside the outer bottle: spray painting on the inside of the outer bottle. From the outside, the area looks large, but from the vertical plane, the area is small, and there is no gap with the inner bottle.

Printing process:

1. Screen printing: one is high temperature ink screen printing, which is colorfast, and color is more dumb. The other is low-temperature ink screen printing, which requires higher requirements for ink, otherwise it is easy to fall off, and attention should be paid to bottle disinfection.

2. hot stamping: is a thin layer of paper hot stamping on top, so there is no screen printing concave convex.

3. Water transfer printing: it is an irregular printing process carried out in water. The lines printed are inconsistent, and the price is more expensive.

4. Heat transfer printing: heat transfer printing is used for large quantity and complex printing products. It belongs to attaching a layer of film on the surface, and the price is expensive.

However, glass is more expensive than plastic, so the cost of putting skin care products in glass bottles is higher. And the glass bottle is fixed in shape, large and heavy, which is not easy to carry when going out. So choose cosmetic jars or cosmetic bottles according to your own needs!