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How Much Do You Know About Lipstick Tubes?

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How Much Do You Know About Lipstick Tubes?

Since 2016, various color cosmetics products have become popular in the market, which has also driven the overall market of packaging material factories upstream of color cosmetics. There are many makeup categories, among which lipstick products have always dominated the field of makeup and makeup, and have been enduring for a long time. Lipstick is not only cosmetic, it can bring more convenient beauty effect and confidence to female consumers.

The lipstick tube is the most complex of all cosmetic packaging materials. The lipstick tube is composed of multiple components, including the cover, the bottom, the middle bundle core (middle bundle, beads, forks and spirals) and so on. Among them, the middle beam is generally made of aluminum, which has better hardness and metal texture after anodizing, and there are also plastic injection-molded ones.

Lipstick tube packaging can be customized into various shapes and sizes. The most common shapes are square lipstick tubes and round lipstick tubes. In addition, bullet lipstick tubes are also very popular in the market.

The color of the lipstick tube can also be customized, color like black lipstick tube, silver lipstick tube or transparent lipstick tube are all available. You can choose the color according to your own needs. Then the size of the lipstick tube also has different choices. The lipstick 4ml tubes are more common in daily use, and some people prefer a longer lipstick tube, a 12.7mm lipstick tube is a good choice.

In addition to the conventional processes such as aluminum, UV and spraying, lipstick tubes can also be used for other processes, including the following:

1. Frosted: A layer of frosted texture.

2. Secondary oxidation: Secondary oxidation is carried out on the basis of the original oxide layer, so as to achieve a pattern covered with a matte surface on the smooth surface or a pattern with a glossy surface on the matte surface, which is mostly used for the production of logos.

3. Hot stamping: It is hot stamped with a thin layer of paper, so there is no concave and convex feeling of silk screen printing. And hot stamping is best not to be directly on the two materials of PE and PP, it needs to be thermally transferred first and then hot stamped. If there is a good hot stamping paper, it can also be hot stamped directly. Hot stamping cannot be done on aluminum plastic, but can be done on all plastic.

If you want to know more about lipstick tubes, or find a custom manufacturer of lipstick tube packaging materials, welcome to inquiry!