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How to judge a good quality lotion pump?

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How to judge a good quality lotion pump?

Explore the ubiquitous plastic product in life - Lotion pump

We need to do some things every day, like wash dishes, wash hands, wash hair, take a bath, apply body lotion and so on. So lotion pump with plastic bottle have become essential at home. Whether plastic bottles or glass containers, to effectively pump out the liquid or gel, are not without the lotion pump dispenser, it can be said that this is one of the most important components in the cosmetic packaging. Today we will briefly introduce the product Lotion Pump.

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l Something you should know about lotion pump

Lotion pump, also called press type lotion pump. According to the way of opening, it can be divided into the following two: screw up-down locked lotion pumpand left-right locked lotion pump. It’s a liquid dispenser pump that uses the principle of atmospheric balance to pump out the liquid in the bottle by pressing and fill the outside atmosphere into the bottle. The main performance index of lotion pump: how many times do you need to press to pump the liquid out when you first use it, output(dosage), downforce, opening torque, rebound speed etc.

The composition of lotion pump is complex, generally including: actuator, gasket, piston bar, link pole, piston, spring, closure, pump housing, dip tube, valve ball (steel ball or glass ball).

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Actuator and closure can be made color, can be electroplated, can be covered with aluminum ring and can be made bamboo closure lotion pump.

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l How to judge a good quality lotion pump?

1. The glass ball or steel ball under the spring. the sealing is very important, relates to the strength of the liquid to rush up. If there is leakage, there will be some liquid leakage into the bottle when we pressed, and affect the effect of liquid pumping out.

2. The sealing ring on the upper end of the valve body. If there is leakage here, when the pressure handle is released, the bottom of the liquid pumping force is reduced, resulting in only little of liquid stored in the valve body, will also affect the effect of pumping out.

3. The matching of pressure handle and the valve core. If here is loose or leak, there will be a certain resistance when the liquid rushes to the nozzle, the liquid will flow back, if the leakage here will also affect the effect of pumping out.

4. Nozzle design, nozzle design is directly related to the effect of spray. A well-designed nozzle of the lotion pump can avoid a leak when no use.

These are the tests we do before we shipping out of the warehouse to our customers, and also routine inspection of appearance to ensure good quality.

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There are many customers before buying, will have the questions about the size of the 28/400, 28/415, 28/412, 28PCO, 28/410 lotion pump? Which one should they buy to match their bottle ? Let’s continue this discussion in the next time!