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28/410 lotion pump

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  • [Lotion Pump] How to judge a good quality lotion pump?
    Explore the ubiquitous plastic product in life - Lotion pump. Read More
  • [Lotion Pump] Why Choose a Recycled Plastic Lotion Pump?
    We have launched a range of products featuring PCR recycled plastics, providing brands with an innovative way to meet consumer demand for 'sustainability' while helping brands achieve their own sustainability goals. Read More
  • [Lotion Pump] How To Choose A Suitable Lotion Pump?
    We all know that the lotion pump is mainly divided into tie mouth type and screw type two kinds, according to its use and can be divided into sprayer, foundation cream, lotion pump head, bamboo lotion pump and lotion airless pump. These are widely used in our daily life. Read More
  • [Lotion Pump] How to choose a lotion pump?
    Plastic packaging bottle pump heads are widely used in daily chemical products. Although the plastic bottle pump head is insignificant, the most expensive and most difficult part of the whole lotion pump bottle is the research and development of the pump head. The development of the pump head is more difficult than the development of the bottle. Therefore, many manufacturers are now reluctant to produce pump heads and develop pump heads. The market also stagnated. Therefore, the price of the pump head also tends to be more expensive than the bottle. So, now, let's talk about how to choose a lotion pump around the topic of the pump head. Read More
  • [Industry Encyclopedia] How To Choose A Suitable Pump Head For Your Product?
    It often used in shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, body lotion, facial cleanser, hand sanitizer, detergent, laundry detergent, disinfectant, mouthwash and other daily chemical products , as well as general cosmetics such as hand cream, toner, serum, sunscreen, and liquid foundation. Read More