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  • [Cap & Closure] Do You Know How Many Types of Caps There Are?
    Cosmetic packaging materials, whether it is a cosmetic glass bottle container, a plastic container such as a PET bottle, an acrylic bottle, or a tube container, need to be taken out through a removal tool such as a bottle cap or a pump head. The bottle cap is the main content dispenser tool in cosmetic packaging materials except lotion pumps and sprayers. It is widely used in face cream pump bottle, shampoos, shower gels, hoses and other products. Read More
  • [Cap & Closure] What Are The Classifications Of Plastic Bottle Caps?
    I believe everyone is very familiar with plastic bottle caps. You will see it on every plastic bottle, but everyone only knows its use. Do you know what kinds of classifications it has? There are mainly screw caps, snap caps, welding caps, and other plastic caps. And the production processes and fu Read More
  • [Cap & Closure] How Much Do You Know About Plastic Bottle Caps?
    We are all too familiar with plastic bottle caps, which are mainly used to seal bottles and cans. And it’s more common in cosmetic bottle packaging materialsThe inner side of following plastic bottle cap is a section of thread. This cap is often used with plastic bottles for beverages. Generally, in Read More