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Quality control of hot stamping process

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Quality control of hot stamping process

The main factors affecting the quality of hot stamping perfect hot stamping effect mainly depend on the level of temperature, pressure and hot stamping speed with each other. Therefore, to control the quality of hot stamping, should master the reasonable hot stamping temperature, hot stamping pressure and hot stamping speed.

1)The temperature of the impact of the the quality:temperature has a very important impact on the hot stamping, the temperature must be controlled in the appropriate range, so that the dyeing resin layer and adhesive moderate melting, in order to ensure good transfer of the aluminum layer. If the temperature is too high for lithographic printing, melting too much, stamping around the electrochemical aluminum also melted off and produce the paste plate, while high temperature will also make the electrochemical aluminum dyeing resin and aluminum layer chemical changes, stamping product brightness and loss of metallic luster, and even make the imprint foggy or blistering; but if the temperature is too low for packaging materials, melting is not sufficient, will also cause stampe on or stamping is not firm, the imprint is not firm, easy to Shedding, or the lack of pen broken scratch, print the flowering. At the same time a variety of models of aluminum carbide suitable for stamping temperature are also different. 1 # 80 ~ 95 ℃; 8 # 75 ~ 95 ℃; 12 # 75 ~ 90 ℃; 15 # 60 ~ 70 ℃; and pure gold foil 80 ~ 130 ℃; gold powder foil, silver powder foil for 70 ~ 120 ℃. Of course, the ideal stamping temperature should be the lowest and can be embossed with clear lines of graphics for the standard integration, to be determined by trial stamping.

2)The impact of pressure on the quality of stamping:aluminum layer stamping transfer must be completed through the pressure, the size of the stamping pressure affects the adhesion fastness of the aluminum electrochemical. Even if the temperature is appropriate, if the pressure is not enough, but also can not make the electrochemical aluminum good transfer to the substrate, will produce a false impression, flower plate and other problems; the opposite fold, if the pressure is too large, the liner and the substrate compression deformation is too large, the impression will be coarse, and even sticky, paste plate. Usually stamping pressure should be appropriately adjusted to small, to achieve no color commercial rotation in China, good adhesion fastness as a criterion. Adjust the stamping pressure to integrate the substrate, stamping temperature, speed and the electrochemical aluminum itself and other factors. In general, the paper sturdy, smoothness, printing ink layer thick, as well as stamping temperature is high, slow speed, stamping pressure should be smaller pre-press process, and vice versa, should be larger.

3)Speed on the impact of stamping quality:stamping speed actually reflects the contact time of the substrate and stamping foil when stamping, directly affects the stamping fastness. Stamping speed is too fast anti-counterfeiting printing, will lead to stamping on or blotting; stamping speed is too slow will affect both the quality of stamping, but also affect the production efficiency. In addition, the factors that limit the speed of stamping and electrochemical aluminum itself model and performance, different models, the advantages and disadvantages of the performance of the stamping speed has a greater impact. For example, various models of lotion pump or cream pump electrochemical aluminum large circle suitable for stamping speed varies, such as 8 #, 12 # electrochemical aluminum suitable for stamping speed of 18 ~ 30 / min, 15 # electrochemical aluminum for 18 ~ 22 / min paste box, and 1 # electrochemical aluminum is 40 / min, suitable for fast stamping.

4)Summary of the stamping process:speed, pressure, temperature constraints on each other, the process parameters are always determined by the order of stamping speed, pressure, temperature. First determine the stamping speed. In general, it will be a constant amount of processing, not easily change the Akiyama International, and then find out with it to adapt to the stamping pressure and stamping temperature, which can simplify the operating procedures, but also easy to control the quality of stamping. In addition, the stamping process should also consider the substrate, stamping plate, stamping machine, fixture and pad is suitable. Finally, you should also study the environmental conditions, including indoor temperature and humidity, the substrate temperature, the cleanliness of the indoor air (dust content), etc. These are important for the electro-aluminum effect on airless bottles, dropper tube, cap and other products.

There are mainly the following test methods

(1) Dry rubbing test

(2) Thumb rubbing test

(3) Cardboard rubbing test

(4) Tape friction test

(5) Content resistance test (compatibility test with customer fillings)