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  • [Glass Bottle] Cosmetic Glass Bottle Surface Treatment And Requirements
    There are many kinds of cosmetic bottles, including cosmetic glass bottles, plastic cosmetic bottles, acrylic cosmetic bottles, aluminum cosmetic bottles and so on. Read More
  • [Airless Bottle] Basic knowledge of Airless bottle
    The most common cosmetics and skin care products in the market use airless bottles. Such as eye cream, essence, face cream, essence oil bottle, etc. Why do businesses or brand use airless bottles instead of ordinary lotion bottles. Let's take a look at the principle of airless bottle to explore. Read More
  • [Airless Bottle] A Guide About Airless Pump Bottle
    In the cosmetics industry, the right packaging is the key to success. The truth is that attractive cosmetic packaging is so important that many beauty companies prioritize design over function. When you look at the traditional pump bottle, it's easy to understand why high-end cosmetics brands like to stay away from the basics. Simply put, pump bottles are not the best and most elegant packaging on the market. With their large external pumps and bulky designs, they rarely bring a sense of elegance to the production line. Fortunately, this is where airless pump bottle provides a solution. Read More
  • [Airless Bottle] Let's Learn About Airless Bottle
    The airless bottle is composed of a cap, a pressure head, a cylinder or ellipsoid container bottle bottom, a base and a piston placed at the bottom of the bottle body. It is also a kind of container that uses the principle of vacuum negative pressure to make the gas isolated from the outside temperature and bacteria by perfecting the fine sealing of the packing material. Airless bottle provides a safe packaging container for the product, which can effectively reduce the oxidation rate of the product and prolong the effective life of the product. Read More
  • [Airless Bottle] Why Airless Bottles Is In Great Demand?
    The airless bottles are becoming increasingly more popular in the cosmetics industry. It makes the products in the bottles last longer, so that more and more consumers aware of their benefits. That’s why it becomes more and more popular. Read More
  • [Industry Encyclopedia] Cosmetics packaging commonly used printing - screen printing and pad printing
    The principle of screen printing:The use of screen printing plate graphics part of the mesh permeable to ink, non-graphic part of the mesh impermeable to ink for printing. Read More
  • [Industry Encyclopedia] Types of screen printing
    Screen printing first originated in China, more than two thousand years ago. As early as in the Qin and Han dynasties of ancient China, the valerian printing method appeared. Read More
  • [Industry Encyclopedia] How to Solve the Problem in the Process of Screen Printing?
    Screen printing has great flexibility and wide applicability. Commonly, there are airless bottles and cosmetic jars, which can be screen printed with the patterns that customers need. However, during the screen printing process, many people often encounter a variety of problems and sometimes do not know how to solve them. So let's take a look at the common problems and solutions for them. Read More
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